Friday, October 2, 2015

Trendy Teachers Linky: What the Teacher Wore Wednesday

I'm so excited to be linking up with Lindsay from It's Elementary My Dear,  Caitlin from Teach Inspire Change, Chandra from Teaching With Crayons and Curls, and Brittany from The Posh Teacher for their new weekly teacher fashion linkup, #trendyteachers! 

I <<love>> following fashion inspiration on Pinterest & Instagram, and I've never been one to take selfies of outfits or anything. But, I am taking a leap with this linky to do just that! And can I tell you how hard it is to take an outfit selfie!? All the fashion bloggers deserve some major credit for bending and twisting their arms in ways I don't even know - I'm still stumped as to how they accomplish it! {confession - I feel really weird and awkward taking these selfies!} So here's what I wore this week:

Necklace - JCrew Factory
Jeans - JCrew

 Shirt - Anthropologie
Jeans - JCrew

Sweater - Gap Outlet
Shirt - Loft
Jeans - JCrew
Shoes - Toms

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  1. Your outfits are adorable! The J.Crew Flytrap necklace in the first photo is one of my all-time favorite necklaces. I wear my all of the time. I'm totally with you on the horrible selfie-skills. I cannot figure out how to get my arm out of the way without taking hideous photos. Haha! I think yours look great.

    1. Thanks Lauren! I think for every 20 selfies there's one decent one :-)