Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Reading List

With the blogging world a buzz with back to school, I have found so many awesome links and articles I want to share with you!

First, I found this awesome blog of Genius Hour ideas, called 20% Genius. It was very timely after taking Julie C. & Teresa A's Creativity in the Classroom Academy 39 class. They are currently doing a "20 Day Challenge" with tips for getting started with Genius Hour in the classroom. If you hope to do a Genius Hour this year in your classroom, I think its a must read!

Our school, like many others, is reading the book Mindset by Carol Dweck, and are going to focus in on Growth Mindset this year. Meghan Zigmond did a blog post #pb10for10 with picture books to go along with it! Love it Meghan!!

I've also been reading up on various MakerSpace ideas, and found this guide that doesn't even need a true "MakerSpace" to be a Maker! Just need an iPad :-)

I'm teaching an Academy 39 Class next week called "Extreme Makeover: Classroom Edition", so I've also been reading (& Pinteresting) a lot about creating brain friendly learning spaces. Erin Klein has been a big inspiration! 

I'm excited I joined in on tonight's Twitter chat with Scholastic and Erin Klein, discussing learning environments. It was an AWESOME discussion! Check out the #topteaching hashtag to find more amazing resources on classroom redesign!

Have you found (or even written!) any great posts or articles I should share too? Comment below!


  1. Thanks Lauren! Great resources! I really need to check out that hashtag! :) I love your term brain friendly classroom too! I've added standing tables in our 1st grade room and LOVE them!

    1. That sounds awesome Meghan! I'm sure your kiddos who need movement love them too!

  2. Lauren,

    Thanks for the special shout out! Just browsed your blog a little bit, and I'm OBSESSED! Just followed you, and can't wait to learn more!

    Also...you're kind of my doppelgänger/teacher twin. My name is Lauren, I'm a teacher in a Chicago suburb...and I love yoga and running...and technology! Haha!

    1. Thanks Lauren! So glad I found your blog through Instagram - We have many teachers trying out Genius Hour, and I love the reflecting and sharing you're doing!