Thursday, February 19, 2015

Blog Lovin'

As a blogger, I feel a little behind the times.. I just learned about & started using BlogLovin'! (And thanks to Teresa for sharing in my joy of this fabulous site!)

I follow lots of blogs.. if you want proof, my bookmarks bar is FULL of them! However, I don't always find the time to click on every. single. link. to see what the latest and greatest is. Enter - BlogLovin!

When you sign up for BlogLovin' (just with an email and password), you can choose some blogs to follow, either by searching or browsing what's recommended. You can type in search terms like, "education", "4th grade", "common core", etc. It will show you the search results, how many followers they have, and images from their latest posts. Just click the Follow button, and they will be added to your feed. If you are going to use BlogLovin' for more than just Education blogs, you can also sort the blogs into categories and group them together by topic. 

The best part about BlogLovin'? I don't even have to check it! Each morning, I get an email digest in my inbox if there have been any new updates or posts on the blogs I follow. If something interests me, I'll check it out, if not, delete! It has made life SO much easier, and I am getting some great ideas too!

So now that you're all ready to sign up - click on the Follow Me on BlogLovin' button to the right --->

And here's a tutorial I found to help get you started!