Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Coloring Squared

Coloring Squared is a website that has free printables for practicing math facts. 

The printables come in addition, subtraction, multiplication division, fractions, decimals, and more! When a student solves the problem, they color in the square, creating a pixelated picture in the end. Kind of a color-by-number with math problems! 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Photo Peach

Photo Peach is a website that you can use to create picture slideshows with text captions and music.

With Photo Peach you can...
Easily upload multiple photos at once from your computer.
Choose background music from Photo Peach.
Embed interactive quiz questions!
Easily email the video within Photo Peach
Set your slideshows to be public, unlisted, or invitation-only.

Here's how easy it is to make one:
Step 1 - Upload Photos

Step 2 - Choose Music & Speed

Photo Peach will then create your slideshow! The next step is to add captions, or create a quiz, if you'd like. Just click on Edit - Edit Caption and Photos. 

Then choose what type of caption you want.

Here's an example of a Bird Quiz

And an example of an Australian Heritage slideshow.

Want to learn more?

Check out this video:

I think Photo Peach would be a fun way to quiz students on vocabulary. Or save it for a Getting to Know You activity next year! Take pictures of each of your students and quiz the class on everyone's names. What a fun way to get to know your new class!