Tuesday, April 16, 2013

New iPad Apps: Bricasso and Learn Money

Here are two more new apps that we have on our iPads!

Bricasso is an app that has a lot of potential! 

Basically, it is Legos on the iPad. You can choose a background for your design and use the variety of colored blocks to build whatever you want! Here are a couple examples:


While you might be saying to yourself, "this just seems like a toy", I think it would an engaging tool to use with students when studying area and perimeter. Or, it could be a fun start to a creative writing project. I first learned of the app on the Technology Tailgate, and a teacher had her students design and invent a car that did not use gas - they used Bricasso to create their cars. Here is one of iIntegrateTechnology's students' examples:

Learn Money is another new app on our iPads. 

Learn Money's content is aligned to Common Core State Standards, and is broken up into 8 different topics with lessons and quizzes: Identifying Coins (Penny, Nickel, Dime), Value of Coins, Counting Coins, Quarter and Half Dollar, Money in Dollars, Making Amounts, Add/Subtract Money, and Making Change. 

Hope you check them out!

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