Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Student Selectors & Random Word Generators

Do you have a cup full of popsicle sticks with your students names on them? Do you use them to call on students randomly? Well... with the end of the year approaching, you might be looking for something new to jazz up your lessons. Try one of these random name generators on the SmartBoard and make your students want to be called on!

The Random Name Selector allows you to randomly pick names from a list you've created. Once you have entered your students' names and clicked the Go button, a name is selected (and said aloud), you are given several choices. You can start a two minute timer or a seven minute timer. You also have the option of removing the name from your list. It has fun animation, sound effects, and a large fun font so it's perfect for displaying on your SmartBoard.

To use it, just click on Change Names and type in your names, numbers, words, etc. Then click Go!

The Dartboard Student Selector chooses a student from a dartboard.

There are options to save your class, remove names once selected, clear darts after each throw, and reset names. You can also increase the rate of your dart throw. How fun is that!

The Random Name/Word Picker from is another fun way to choose a student or even a vocabulary word. Just type in your students' names (or copy/paste from another document), choose either the typewriter option or fruit machine, and your random name/word is displayed!

These tools don't have to be limited to just names- you can enter numbers, vocab words, spelling words, writing ideas, characters in a story, geography terms.. basically anything you can create a list of! The possibilities are endless!

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