Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Marvelous Math

I seemed to stumble on a lot of new math websites this week! Hopefully you find a new site to use in your classroom or for your students to use at home. 

Johnnie's Math Page has games and activities categorized into Counting Activities, Addition, Subtraction, Division, Place Value, Decimals, Integers, and Operations & Functions. They are links to other games, but I love that they are categorized and easy to find what topic you're looking for. 

K-5 Math Teaching Resources has standard-based math activities divided by subject and grade level. Some of the activities are online, but others are hands-on games or ideas. 

For anyone who is studying 3D shapes and nets, how would your students feel about making their own 3D Angry Birds characters? This site has a PDF printable for you to make your own!

And just to make you smile....

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