Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Projects by Jen & other fun

Jen Wagner is a fabulous teacher that I got to see last year at the ICE Conference. She has so many great ideas and hosts projects throughout the year to connect classrooms around the world. One of her year round activities is Guess the Wordle. Each day she posts a Wordle that represents a theme or idea, and students work together to guess what it is about. See if you can guess the one below, and check out her blog for more!

Jen's next upcoming project is her Holiday Card Project (I know, I'm not happy about all the holiday commercials I saw during the Bears game either, but if they're going to put it out there we might as well embrace it!). According to Jen, the project "brings in the Holiday Cheer as well as opens up many opportunities to teach geography, mapping, distance, letter addressing, math, printing & handwriting, and art ideas into your classroom." It can be adapted for any grade level- maybe even some classrooms at Central could buddy up for this one! 

Two more links for this week: one is the PBS Kids Lab, where they post new games they are working on. Great for younger students! The second is thanks to Kate M.- The World of Brian P. Cleary, which is based on his books. It has printables, games, a Poem of the Week and Word of the Week, and more.

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  1. Thank you for the shout out -- and I hope some of your fellow teachers will join us.